The Flash production leaks Batcave and Batmobile


By Geoff Borgonia July 19, 2021

Production of the DC Extended Universe superhero film The Flash is well underway and many leaks are coming out.

Recently, one of the biggest leaks was the return of the Tim Burton Batmobile, as well as a redesigned Batcave.

The first Batman film from 1989, directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, is considered a masterpiece and one of the most influential films of all time.

The artistic vision of the Burton Batman films was one of the key elements that made them both unique and popular. 

Nothing exemplifies this more than the sleek but powerful Batmobile introduced in the first film.

With the announcement of Michael Keaton’s return in the role for the upcoming The Flash movie, fans anticipated seeing this version of the Batmobile too.

The Batmobile will be nearly exactly the same as it originally looked in Batman and the sequel Batman Returns. 

Leaked photos from the set of The Flash were shared on social media such as Twitter and Reddit groups.

The photos showed the Batmobile’s side and rear, as well as a shot of the updated Batcave.

However, the posts and photos were quickly DMCA'ed at the request of DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Pictures.

It appears that the rumors that Keaton will transition to the DCEU, with the events of The Flash altering the status quo of what was established in the previous films, are true.

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