The first trailer for the Injustice movie is finally here


By Ray Ampoloquio September 8, 2021

The argument exists that everything that happens in superhero movies can all be attributed to one bad day.

For example, Bruce Wayne became Batman because of a defining moment in his life when he saw his parents gunned down in front of him.

Meanwhile, the whole idea behind his archnemesis, Joker, is that anyone's life can bottom out as quickly as in a single day.

However, one person who seemingly doesn't have a bad day is Superman.

Superman is someone who once literally circled the entire globe so fast that he turned back the clock.

So, you might imagine just what kind of devastation he is capable of when Supes has a bad day.

Now, you don't have to use your imagination to find out what happens.

The Injustice games are widely considered some of the best fighting games around.

The series is also regarded as top-tier superhero games owing to its storyline.

The first game, in particular, shows what happens when Superman goes mad.

After losing the love of his life, Lois Lane, and their unborn child, Superman goes on a rampage.

Because of his unrivaled power, his rule pretty much goes unopposed outside of a faction of superheroes and villains led by Batman.

With that said, audiences just got their first glimpse of the Injustice movie trailer. 

The first Injustice trailer has dropped months after an earlier leak.

It doesn't delve too much into what Superman does once he loses everything he loves.

However, it does offer a glimpse of what he's willing to do.

The destruction of Metropolis and the death of Lois Lane trigger a conflict between himself and Batman.

Superheroes and villains will find their allegiances change as the world's power dynamic shifts.

With such a clash of powers, the question now is, what happens to the world when its idols fall from grace?

Audiences will find that answer soon enough when Injustice drops on October 19, 2021.

The upcoming movie should serve as a nice consolation for fans of the Injustice franchise. 

There are reports that NetherRealm Studios is prioritizing work on Mortal Kombat 12 over Injustice 3.

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