The first trailer for American Horror Story Season 10 is finally here


By Ray Ampoloquio August 16, 2021

After nearly two years of no new episodes, the tenth season of American Horror Story is finally here.

The first half, Red Tide, of the aptly titled tenth season, Double Feature, is set to premiere on August 25 on FX.

The story of Red Tide will focus on a young writer and his family.

In an attempt to channel every ounce of creativity from his mind, he and his family relocate to a small coastal town for some peace and quiet.

Initially, the relocation appears to work, he's writing again and all his creative juices seem to be flowing.

However, as the young writer and his family soon find out, they're not the only ones inhabiting their new home.

The first half of season 10 appears to revolve around themes such as the price of success.

What is interesting here is that the season is split into two parts, which suggests that Red Tide will tie into the second part, Death Valley.

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