By Ray Ampoloquio November 27, 2022

The Callisto Protocol is locking death animations behind a paywall

The Callisto Protocol is going to feature its fair share of gross deaths, both for the players as well as the monsters.

Unfortunately, Striking Distance Studios is locking the game's best death animations behind the season pass.

According to the details about The Callisto Protocol found on Steam, the studio will splits 25  death animations across two different DLC packs.

It all feels like Schofield hasn't forgotten his earlier EA ways as this has EA's older greedy schemes' fingerprints all over it. 

You can't help but wonder how and if this will encourage other studios to do the same if the market tolerates what Striking Distance Studios is about to do.

We'll find out more about The Callisto Protocol and if its DLC are worth the asking price on December 2.