Is Amazon Working on a 'The Boys' Video Game? 


By Ray Ampoloquio June 29, 2021

After just two seasons, it's safe to say that The Boys TV show has successfully made the transition from comic book pages to TV. 

Amazon is quickly capitalizing on this by ordering a college spin-off, among other things. 

While Amazon is hard at work filming Season 3 of The Boys, the people behind the superhero TV show aren't afraid to generate some discussion.

Case in point, the show's official Twitter account teased a video game adaptation. 

So, does this mean that a video game adaptation of The Boys is in the works?

Probably not - right now. However, if enough fans start asking for it, who knows?

If video game adaptation of The Boys does release, it has potential to be one of the best comic book games of all time. 

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