Karl Urban expects The Boys Season 4 to start filming this year


By Ray Ampoloquio March 13, 2022

After a nearly two-year hiatus, The Boys is coming back on Amazon Prime Video for its third season later this year.

But, with a fourth season all but confirmed already, fans can't help but wonder if they won't be waiting for as long for Season 4.

Although we still have no idea when The Boys' fourth season will hit Amazon Prime Video, we might know when it's going to start filming.

Karl Urban, who plays Billy Butcher, recently mentioned that he'll be "shooting The Boys through the end of the year."

Considering that Amazon hasn't officially greenlit The Boys Season 4 yet, it is interesting that it is already included in his overall schedule.

As we've already mentioned, The Boys' fourth season is all a matter of when and not if.

Hopefully, Amazon will make The Boys' fourth season official before or soon after Season 3 arrives on June 3.