The Boys Season 3 teaser trailer reveals Starlight's former lover


By Ray Ampoloquio August 8, 2021

Amazon has done a great job at hyping The Boys Season 3 by releasing "news stories" every month.

In the latest story, Vought News Network introduces a new character that has close ties to Starlight.

Supersonic was formerly known as Drummer Boy, when he served as the was co-leader of the Young Americans along with Starlight.

The two apparently had a romantic relationship that did not end well.

His re-emergence as the ideal for "what people really want from a hero" should put a damper on Starlight and Huey's relationship

In addition to SuperSonic, the latest teaser trailer for The Boys Season 3 also expanded on the plot threads left hanging by the end of Season 2.

Season 3 of The Boys couldn't come any sooner. 

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