The best games about climate change


By Ray Ampoloquio August 2, 2021

1. The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle Expansion

Take your virtual eco-friendly ways to a whole other level, going so far as to build wind turbines to become self-sustaining and collecting dew to use for your morning showers.

2. Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue takes you through a mesmerizing journey that will open your eyes to every terrible thing that's happening all around you.

3. Endling

Take control of a mother fox who must protect and guide her cubs from other predators and the environment. It works similarly to RPGs where your cubs will evolve, grow, and learn.

4. Bee Simulator

Bee Simulator is a great family-friendly title with enough gameplay depth to be fun to play even for adults.

5. Eco

Players must collaborate in a shared online world where everything they do can potentially have a world-changing impact. Players can suggest laws and even enact them to see just how it affects the environment.

6. Plasticity

What happens if the world doesn't curb is plastic consumption? This is what the puzzle platformer, Plasticity, aims to answer.

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