Tesla reveals Model S 2021 gaming PC specifications


By Ray Ampoloquio November 8, 2021

Tesla describes the Model S Plaid as the "highest performing sedan ever built."

However, for some reason, Elon Musk thought it was a good idea to stick a capable gaming PC inside the Model S Plaid.

Earlier in June, Musk claimed that the Model S Plaid's in-car entertainment system could run The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. 

Now that we know the hardware specifications of its Model S Plaid's computer, we're inclined to agree. 

The Model S's computer comes with a Zen 1+ AMD Ryzen CPU and a discrete Navi 23 graphics card.

Unfortunately, there isn't a g gameplay video available of either game running on the Model S Plaid. 

Here's to hoping that someone with an extra $130,000 decides to see if Musk's claims are true or not.