Tesla hacker fixes a Model S battery for 75 percent less than what Tesla charges

By Hassan Sajid September 28, 2021

Tyler Hoover, a Youtuber, purchased a 2013 Tesla Model S for his upcoming video, but realized that the battery is not holding its charge.

Hoover took the unwarranted vehicle to a Tesla certified technician only to find that the entire battery replacement would cost him $22,500.

Hoover came to Rich Benoit seeking help, a well-known Tesla hacker, Youtuber and a strong right-to-repair advocate.

Benoit was able to find someone who fixed the battery for around $5,000. That is 75% off what Tesla wanted!

Benoit made a video about the $5,000 repair that gained the attention of the Tesla fans defending the company.

The fans accused Benoit of lying about the repair cost and also said that his “cheap” repair wouldn’t last a year.

The receipt shown in the video was from 2019 and the fans wondered why they're stirring the pot after over two years?

Benoit posted a follow-up video with more evidence backing up his claim. Many customers even posted about the appalling battery prices on the official Tesla forums.

Benoit even responded to Tesla fans with the official price of the battery found on the official Tesla EPC which is $22,500. 

As companies are making it harder for everyday folks to fix their equipment themselves, stronger right-to-repair legislations are needed.

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