By Ray Ampoloquio December 8, 2022

Supergiant Games confirms Hades 2 at The Game Awards

Internet, say hello to Zagreus' half-sister and a lesser-known product of one of Zeus' many dalliances, this time with Persephone.

Four years after Supermassive Games unveiled Hades to the rest of the world at the very same event, Geoff Keighley pulled back the curtain on the studio's first-ever sequel.

Just like its predecessor, Hades 2 will follow a similar path in development as it'll be initially launched as an Early Access title with more news to follow next year.

Instead of Zagreus, Hades 2 will put players in the shoes of Melinoë, the "Princess of the Underworld".

We're sure Supermassive will take creative freedom but she did refer to Zeus as her father while the game specifically calls her the "Princess of the Underworld" so, there's that.

We'll find out more about who exactly Melinoë is and why she calls Zeus her father as soon as Hades 2 is out.