By Ray Ampoloquio July 2, 2022

Sucker Punch claim to have "no plans" to make new Sly Cooper or InFamous games

Since Sony seems to be eager to revive classic franchises these days, fans are wondering if Sly Cooper is next.

After all, the multiple leaks can't be all wrong, right?

As if responding to the said rumors, Sucker Punch came forward today to drop bad news.

Sucker Punch confirmed that it has "no plans" to revisit iconic franchises like Sly Cooper and InFamous.

The company explained that it needs to devote its "full attention" to its current projects.

To make matters worse, Sucker Punch also confirmed in the same statement that no other studio "is currently working on projects related to [InFamous and Sly Cooper] either."

TLDR; don't expect to hear any news about a new Sly Cooper game for the series' 20th anniversary.