Stranger of Paradise second trailer and new information


By Murillo Zerbinatto October 4, 2021

The Square Enix presentation at the Tokyo Game Show gave us another trailer for the new Final Fantasy spinoff produced by Team Ninja, the Strange of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Square Enix really took player's feedback to heart. The graphical enhancements are remarkable.

The second trailer also presented new characters, like the King of Cornelia and princess Sarah.

Nomura said he blatantly announced that Jack is Garland because apparently, players found out too quickly.

The second trial of Strange of Paradise brought new Jobs to the Warriors of Light. 6 basics and 13 advanced.

You can also equip your party members, changing their appearance and improving attributes.

Neon was introduced in the second trial as the fourth Warrior of Light.

Refrin Wetlands was the second map introduced. It's a lush, green environment with a weather-changing mechanic and elemental monsters and bosses.

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