Steve-O responds to Bam Margera lawsuit


By Ray Ampoloquio September 16, 2021

Studio executives within the movie industry can't seem to agree on what they should do for their upcoming lineup of films.

Some are releasing their films on streaming platforms and in theaters.

Others are launching movies in theaters only. 

There are also studios that have delayed their films altogether.

Among those include Paramount Pictures, the distributors of Jackass Forever.

Unfortunately, it appears that some fans don't believe that the studio delayed Jackass Forever because of the ongoing pandemic.

Because of this, one of the film's stars, Steve-O, has decided to speak out.

Earlier this month, Paramount Pictures decided to delay its upcoming lineup of movies. 

Among the delayed movies is Jackass Forever. 

Instead of premiering on October 22, 2021, Jackass Forever has been moved to February 4, 2022. 

Despite the perfectly reasonable explanation, some fans believe that Paramount is not telling the truth.

There is speculation that the studio decided to delay Jackass Forever for the nth time because of the lawsuit filed by Bam Margera.

Longtime Jackass cast member, Steve-O, assured fans that these rumors were not true.

Steve-O outright denies that the lawsuit had anything to do with the delay.

He adds that the lawsuit is "absurd" and that he was surprised that Bam even found "anybody to file a lawsuit."

Margera is part of the original Jackass crew.

Margera was set to star in Jackass Forever as well. 

However, the production had no choice but to fire him midshoot due to issues with his sobriety.

It's unclear why these speculations ever came about in the first place.

It's not like the lawsuit is blocking Jackass Forever from releasing in any way.

It also makes no sense for Paramount to delay the film when the court did not order the studio to do it.

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