Steam Deck: Release date, price, specifications, games, and more


By Ray Ampoloquio July 17, 2021

The Steam Deck makes use of AMD's latest and best architecture, but how well does that translate into actual gaming performance?

Technically speaking, the Steam Deck isn't an alternative to the Nintendo Switch.

The Steam Deck is a portable PC that comes at a lower cost compared to building one with similar specs.

According to Valve, even though the Steam Deck will run a Linux-based operating system, owners can still play Windows games with no official Linux support via Proton.

Valve is also giving users the freedom to just uninstall the pre-installed SteamOS and install Windows.

Steam Deck will utilize a newer and faster memory standard that outpaces the DDR4 memory used in most gaming PCs today.

With 16GB of LPDDR5 memory, Valve made sure to equip the Steam Deck with a nice blend of capacity and speed.

The Steam Deck isn't a powerhouse. However, it does have its place on the market.

Just don't expect the Steam Deck to be able to run AAA titles at worthwhile settings and resolutions,

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