Star Citizen funding crosses $380 million


By Aron Gerencser August 20, 2021

Star Citizen, the massive crowdfunded space-sim project by Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, continues smashing crowdfunding milestones.

Development chugs along despite mounting criticism regarding the game's apparent inability to meet deadlines.

As funding passes $380 million, the developers have shared a video about in-game hospitals.

Whenever we end up facing a challenge we cannot overcome and perish, there needs to be some way to get back into the game.

This is the topic of the latest "Inside Star Citizen" developer video, focusing on hospitals and medical care in the 'verse.

We also get a look at the so-called "gold standard" development pass on the Aegis Gladius, Sabre, and Retaliator ships.

Cloud Imperium has recently opened a new studio to produce more content for the game.

As Star Citizen passed 3.2 million active accounts, it's clear that interest in the game is bigger than ever.

Star Citizen is currently in alpha version 3.14, with the single player campaign Squadron 42 in development without a release date.

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