By Darryl Lara September 23, 2022

Splinter Cell remake retells story for modern-day audience

Fans have been asking Ubisoft to make a new Splinter Cell game for quite a while now and it looks like they're finally going to get their players heard. 

After years of waiting, Ubisoft confirmed that a Splinter Cell reboot is in development and we just got wind of a few new details about the upcoming game.

A new job posting found on the Ubisoft website lists that the company is on the lookout for a scriptwriter who will rewrite the story of Splinter Cell for “modern-day audiences.”

It'll be interesting to see how the hired individual will adapt the 20-year-old franchise to modern times given that we haven't seen a Splinter Cell game in a while, let alone a successful one.

If we're lucky, the new Splinter Cell will be a part of the future for Ubisoft as the company is currently struggling to handle all of the IPs it has.

Hopefully, Ubisoft will give the Splinter Cell reboot the right amount of time to develop and polish it so that it can live up to fan expectations.