By Tobi Oguntula September 6, 2022

Spiderman: No Way Home Re-Release Tops Box Office on Labor Day Weekend

Spiderman: No Way Home extended re-release subtitled The More Fun Stuff rose to the top of the Labor Day weekend box office for a brief period on Sunday.

With a haul of over $6 million across 3,935 cinemas in the US over this period, The More Fun Stuff originally took the highly coveted top US box office spot.

The re-release was announced in celebration of Spider-Man's 60th birthday and comes with 13 minutes of extra footage.

According to Kevin Feige, who served as one of the movie’s producers, Disney and Sony are developing a story for another addition to the franchise.

However, this has not officially been confirmed by either of the studios.

The next two phases of the MCU currently do not have a Spider-Man film lined up.