Jamie Foxx's Electro stars in latest Spider-Man: No Way Home TV spot


By Ray Ampoloquio November 29, 2021

Disney, Marvel Studios, and Sony are currently working together to help dial up the marketing efforts for Spider-Man: No Way Home up to eleven.

As a result, fans have had the privilege to watch several snippets and featurettes for the upcoming MCU film.

The latest of which revolves around Electro, a Supervillain played by Jamie Foxx.

Foxx was first reported to reprise his former role back in 2020 before he confirmed it on Instagram only to delete the post.

What's perhaps the most interesting part about Foxx's return as Electro is that he's using similar technology to Tony Stark's arc reactor.

Many fans believe that this explains why the character can appear normal in No Way Home and not as his polarizing blue former self.

Fans will know more for sure about what will happen in Spider-Man: No Way Home once it arrives in theaters on December 17.