Ambitious looter-shooter, Space Punks, is headed to Early Access on July 14


By Ray Ampoloquio July 11, 2021

Space Punks, is an ambitious looter shooter that aims to incorporate live service elements as well as looter-shooter gameplay.

After being revealed in early July, the developers confirmed that Space Punks is headed to Early Access starting on July 14.

Flying Wild Hog is a Poland-based video game development studio that's best known for its work on the Shadow Warrior reboot games.

While Flying Wild Hog is hard at work to release Shadow Warrior 3, the studio is already preparing for its next venture.

The latest details about Space Punks come from a recent interview by IGN with Michal Kuk, the studio head and game director over at Flying Wild Hog.

According to Kuk, Space Punks will be available as an Early Access title on the Epic Games Store on July 14. This would reportedly last for at least one year.

Kuk added that the studio looked at Borderlands and Shadow Warrior for ideas on the combat system.

He also reassured fans that being an isometric game won't prevent Space Punks from feeling like a first-person shooter title.

Finally, Kuk likened Space Punks to Destiny in terms of activities and content for the entirety of the Early Access period.

At this point, Flying Wild Hog doesn't have a release date for Space Punks just yet.

However, we wouldn't be surprised if it takes at least until 2023 for Flying Wild Hog to release Space Punks on multiple platforms.

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