Sony officially reveals faceplates for the PlayStation 5


By Ray Ampoloquio December 13, 2021

Ever since the original PlayStation, Sony has launched every PlayStation in black with more colorways and themed designs coming post-launch.

However, with the PS5, Sony opted to go back to a clean and white design.

While the design received a lot of praise, it was deemed boring by many because of the lack of customization options and how easy it was for the console and the controllers to get dirty.

Fast forward to today and Sony has finally released faceplates and covers for the PlayStation 5 along with matching DualSense colors.

According to Sony, the console covers will start shipping in January 2022.

Meanwhile, the controllers will go on the market around the same time, but availability might vary depending on location.

If this all goes well, we won't put it past Sony to start releasing limited-edition faceplates similar to limited-release consoles as a way to celebrate certain games.