By Ray Ampoloquio October 3, 2022

Sony is reportedly working on a multiplayer Horizon game

According to multiple sources  a multiplayer Horizon game is in development over at Guerilla Games. 

It's worth noting that Guerilla Games always had a co-op mode planned for the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West.

Unfortunately, due to the strict deadlines, Guerilla had to put the idea on the back burner. 

If anything, Guerilla might have just gotten the green light to release the multiplayer feature as a standalone online game and it could even be a live-service title. 

At the very least, we can trust Sony to do its franchises right after seeing what it did to Ghost of Tsushima: Legends as well as the multiplayer mode for the original The Last of Us.

If we believe all of the rumors as well as confirmed intel, the next few years is going to be huge for the Horizon franchise.