By Ray Ampoloquio June 29, 2022

Skull and Bones' release date is much closer than you think

At this point, we refuse to believe that the leaks on the internet aren't intentional.

Case in point, the release date for the long-gestating pirate game by Ubisoft, Skull and Bones, has "popped up" online.

Mind you, this isn't some leak from a random individual - it comes straight from the Xbox store.

A dataminer had a look into the Xbox digital store listing for Skull and Bones and found that it had been updated to list a release date for November 8 alongside a list of in-game DLC and bonus content.

Seeing Skull and Bones come out would definitely be something to look forward to if only for entertainment value.

For now, all we can do is sit tight and wait for official word from Ubisoft.