Fans are divided over the Skate 4 pre-alpha gameplay leak


By Ray Ampoloquio April 22, 2022

After being revealed in June 2020, Skate 4 still doesn't have a release date. 

Judging by the pre-alpha footage that surfaced online, Skate is nowhere near being ready.

Pre-alpha footage of Skate 4 was posted online by a burner account and it wasn't the best look for the cult boarder.

The short 30-second snippet shows what appears to be an urban arena with rails as the character skates around and performs tricks.

Fans weren't exactly too happy with what they've seen since Skate 4's been in development for at least two years now.

The good news here is that this initial look confirms that EA is ramping up the development of Skate 4.

If nothing else, this would hint that we're set to hear more Skate news later this year.