Should you play FFXIV, Old School Runescape or WoW?


By Murillo Zerbinatto September 19, 2021

This article aims not to convince but to inform you about the facts that make these great games great.

Lorewise, WoW and FFXIV pack quite a storyline distributed among all their expansions.

In Old School Runescape, there is lore integrated into the game, but it is untold for much of it.

The gameplay of the games is similar. Combat is based on command input, whose timer is dictated by a global cooldown and the same rule applies to enemies.

While in World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, the combative power of the player grows per level, in Old School Runescape, its the skills that evolve.

Old School Runescape and World of Warcraft PvP rules start when picking up a server. There are dedicated servers for World PvP.

Although killing players in Old School Runescape can be rewarding - a dead player leaves many of their loot on the ground - you can be on the other side of the stabbing.

World of Warcraft has two realm types, PvE and PvP, which change the format of World PvP. PvE you can turn World PvP on or off, while on PvP its always on. RP utilizes PvE ruleset.

WoW and FFXIV have Battlegrounds/Frontlines and arenas, which operate similarly, although the goals are different.

In FFXIV, it's the Grand Companies that engage in "friendly fights." Each Grand Company holds 24 players and must amass points to be victorious

The most significant difference between WoW and FFXIV PvP is the equipment. In WoW, your gear defines your strength. While in FFXIV each class has a fixed power value.

What about endgame content for the games? One word in common: raids.

Old School Runescape only has two raids (a new one coming in 2022). WoW and FFXIV have countless.

Arena PvP also counts as endgame content for WoW and FFXIV since there are ranking, rewards, and glory for playing it masterfully.

Old School RS endgame PvP is where most veterans say lies the real MMO's content.

Other endgame content can be collecting pets, minions, mounts (in WoW and FFXIV), or even leveling up your different skills/classes that you did not focus on at first.

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