David F. Sandberg celebrates as Shazam! sequel wraps up filming


By Ray Ampoloquio September 1, 2021

As the big hitters of the DCEU struggled, the universe's "lesser-known" superhero films were huge hits.

For example, The Zachery Levi-led Shazam! film pulled in $366 million at the box office.

Shazam! also ranks as one fo the best superhero movies of all time over at Rotten Tomatoes. 

Because of Shazam!'s immediate runaway success back in April 2019, the studio decided to greenlight a sequel almost immediately.

Two years later, that sequel has finally finished filming.

Just keep in mind that there remains a two-year wait until Shazam! Fury of the Gods premieres.

Fury of the Gods isn't scheduled to launch until Summer 2023.

With that said, we can expect to see more of the Shazam! sequel at DC FanDome 2021. 

We also know a couple of things about the upcoming DCEU movie as well. 

We know that Djimon Honsou's Wizard Shazam is probably coming back.

It's also been confirmed that Shazam! and the rest of the crew will be wearing new costumes. 

Also, did you know that Helen Mirren will play the role of the antagonist?

Here's to hoping that we get more details about Fury of the Gods soon.

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