By Ray Ampoloquio November 24, 2022

Seth Rollins expressed regret with mishandled The Shield reunion

After making its debut in 2012, The Shield enjoyed a dominant run run and reunited a bunch of times after "breaking up" as well.

But, while WWE fans have fond memories of each The Shield reunion, Seth Rollins didn't like it when The Shield returned with Kurt Angle as part of the group.

The Shield reunited in 2017 as Kurt Angle joined in the place of Roman Reigns after taking some time off. 

Although The Shield won the match, Rollins wasn't a fan at all and he regrets how WWE handled it. 

For what it's worth, Kurt Angle loved his time with The Shield as he said on his podcast it was a "huge honor" to get a chance to join "one of the best factions in history."

Rollins is one of the names that come up when fans talk about who will put an end to Roman Reigns' current run.