There is a Sea of Thieves crossover event with Borderlands until September 7


By Ray Ampoloquio August 26, 2021

Another popular franchise is set to collide with Sea of Thieves.

This time around, Sea of Thieves' crossover event is from a franchise that's more out of this world. 

In the Borderlands-themed event, Making Mayhem, players will have a chance to blow stuff up. 

As part of the event, players will have to curry Favour with the Bilge Rats.

As a reward for the mayhem you've caused, you'll receive a part of the Mayhem Ship set.

The entire set is split into seven tiers, so it'll be a while before you complete the entire thing. 

We recommend that you hurry up as the Making Mayhem event is only until September 7. 

If you haven't picked up Sea of Thieves before, this is a good reason to do so. 

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