Lead developer reveals details about scrapped Superman game


By Ray Ampoloquio July 21, 2021

While Factor 5 might not ring a lot of bells for modern audiences, the indie studio had a close relationship with the likes of LucasArts.

This resulted in little-known gems like Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader.

If you head on over to the company's Wikipedia page, you can see that it lists Factor 5's games that were canceled

Now, one of the lead developers of the said games just shed light on what one could have been.

A long and insightful Twitter thread reveals just how much work Factor 5 had put into its scrapped Superman game.

The developers had already reached a point in development where it had a fully working prototype and were preparing to shift to full production.

Even though you could clearly see that the game was still in development, it's not hard to think that it would've looked and played great with a little more polish.

It would have been interesting to see a game that pitted Superman against "foes more in his power range."

According to the lead developer, Factor 5 intended to reveal the game alongside Bryan Singer's Superman Returns film, which never materialized as well.

It's only fair to wonder if there are any plans to revive the scrapped Superman game.

Of course, with the DCEU in full swing right now, we highly doubt that a Superman game will be handled by an indie developer.

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