Producer claims that the Scorpion King reboot script is already finished


By Ray Ampoloquio August 8, 2021

Dwayne Johnson's time in Hollywood didn't really start until he landed his first film role as Mathayus of Akkad in 2001's The Mummy Returns.

He would later reprise his role in 2002's The Scorpion King.

Since then, The Rock has starred in at least one Hollywood film every year.

Now, it appears that a reboot of The Rock's breakout film is in the works and he's set to produce it.

Hiram Garcia revealed that they have finished working on the draft for the Scorpion King reboot.

Unfortunately, we do have some disappointing news for fans expecting to see Johnson reprise the role that made him famous.

While Johnson is confirmed to help produce the Scorpion King reboot, he won't be starring in it.

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