By Ray Ampoloquio September 23, 2022

Saints Row CEO is not too happy with the sales of the reboot of the GTA clone

The Saints Row reboot is off to a good start after placing second in units sold in Europe and the United States.

Unfortunately, Embracer Group CEO, Lars Wingefors, doesn't see it the same way according to a recent investors call. 

Apparently, Wingefors wasn't too happy with the negative reception to Saints Row and the fact that this affected the sales figures.

The good news is that the CEO wants to take a second look at the numbers in a few months once Saints Row has had some time on the market.

While topping sales charts is always a great thing, it isn't half-bad when your game sells the second highest number of copies in the same month that Madden NFL 23 launches in the United States.

Saints Row fans are currently waiting for Deep Silver Volition to release their promised three pieces of DLC content for the game.