By Darryl Lara September 23, 2022

Rumors suggest that Stalker 2 will be delayed by up to two years

STALKER 2 would have been the first title from the Stalker franchise in over 13 years, but it looks like we'll have to wait for two more years before it will hit store shelves.

The Ukraine-based game developer GSC Game World encountered setbacks in the game's development and had to move their operation to Prague, Czechia. 

As a result, GSC had to move the release date of STALKER 2 by at least a year if not longer.

If you believe the reports, it's likely that STALKER won't be out until two years from now or 2024.

However, a different source is saying that STALKER 2 is still slated to come out next year, so we're not quite sure which to believe.

If STALKER 2 is indeed out by next year, it will join Starfield and Redfall as the Xbox Series S and X exclusives scheduled to come out by then.