RUMOR: Is Hugh Jackman REALLY done with Wolverine?


By Geoff Borgonia August 14, 2021

Hugh Jackman seems to have been teasing a return to the Wolverine role through his social media posts.

It has already been 4 years since his last appearance in the alternate future of Logan (2017).

Fans of the X-Men have loved Jackman’s portrayal of the wildcard warrior, despite his physical appearance not being comic accurate.

The fandom became excited when Jackman shared photos that possibly hinted at his return as Wolverine.

Will Jackman’s Wolverine spearhead the arrival of the X-Men to the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper? Will he team up with Deadpool?

Ryan Reynolds has been been lobbying very actively for his friend to return to the role.

Ryan Reynolds has even poked fun at Jackman’s Wolverine in his prior Deadpool films.

Jackman related how doing his last X-Men film under Fox, Logan made him realize that this film would be his last hurrah as Wolverine.

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