RUMOR: Henry Cavill is NOT appearing in The Flash.. or is he?


By Geoff Borgonia August 4, 2021

Rumors surfaced that Henry Cavill’s Superman was spotted at the filming location of The Flash, while others disputed them.

Since The Flash is being set up as a bridge from the previous DC Extended Universe and the new status quo, this would not be surprising.

However, another source contested the claim, saying that Cavill is not reprising the role.

As far as Henry Cavill himself, he seems open to the possibility of donning the cape once more.

The initial contract locked Henry Cavill to appear in 3 sequels after Man of Steel. Batman v Superman and Justice League were 2 of those.

Ben Affleck’s Batman was revealed to be appearing not just in a redesigned Bat-suit, but also a new Bat-vehicle.

It's best to take the discussions about whether Cavill will or won't appear in The Flash with a grain of salt.

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