By Ray Ampoloquio December 8, 2022

A round-up of the early Diablo 4 hands-on preview 

Diablo 2 left an indelible mark in the video game industry and guaranteed Blizzard fostered enough goodwill with gamers to make countless sequels and spin-offs for years to come. 

Diablo 3 came out in 2012 and pretty much changed all of that.

It's been a decade since and Blizzard is finally ready to pull back the curtains on Diablo 4.

According to media personnel who got early access to Diablo 4 replicates the feeling of its more iconic predecessors if not exceeds it. 

Ultimately, everything we've heard and read about Diablo 4 until now is good news.

Hopefully, Diablo 4 does meet the expectations once it's out some time next year.