By Darryl Lara September 29, 2022

Rockstar hacker may have sold GTA5 source code before arrest

The GTA 6 hacker, who is still in police custody, might have shot himself in the foot before their arrest.

According to sources, they had sold the source code to GTA 5 before they were arrested and nabbed by authorities, which is a much more serious crime.

The source code to any video game is proprietary material that companies will protect at all costs.

Because GTA Online is still a part of GTA 5, the source code to the game could expose both titles to dangerous levels of security breaches.

Sources still haven't verified if the hacker was able to sell the GTA 5 source code and if the buyer who claims to have paid for it is legitimate.

At the moment, it's business as usual over at Rockstar Games as the company continues its work on GTA Online and GTA 6.