By Ray Ampoloquio June 30, 2022

GTA 6's RAGE features detailed, Unreal Engine 5 comparison, no GTA 6 teaser?

A reputable Rockstar source claims that Rockstar has high ambitions for GTA VI's video game engine.

RAGE 9 will include multiple unique features, some of which will be exclusive to GTA 6, including massive improvements to how players and NPCs interact with each other and the world around them.

The same source says that RAGE 9 will also revolutionize environmental  effects, including water physics and even how wind affects driving vehicles.

In addition, Rockstar is reportedly expecting RAGE 9 "to compete  directly with Unreal Engine 5," with the RAGE engine already capable of supporting 16K textures as early as 2018.

We were also told that GTA 6 will most certainly not disappoint.

Finally, sources confirm that the next time that we see GTA VI will be in an official reveal trailer.

That's right, apparently there will be no GTA 6 teaser video!