Parasite director nabs Robert Pattinson for lead role in next movie


By Ray Ampoloquio January 20, 2022

Korean director Bong Joon-ho burst into the mainstream with his award-winning movie, Parasite, which also earned him an Oscar, among several other accolades.

For his next project, it appears that Bong Joon-ho has his eyes set on Hollywood.

According to Deadline, Bong's upcoming sci-fi film is still shrouded in mystery.

However, some facts have come up, like Robert Pattinson being in talks to star.

Meanwhile, the film's plot will reportedly take inspiration from Edward Ashton's Mickey7.

Mickey7 is a novel that revolves around the story of an employee set to colonize Niflheim, an ice-filled desolate world.

Every time a Mickey7 dies, his memories are transferred to a new body, and he starts all over again.

However, for some reason, Mikey7 finds a new clone, Mikey8, replacing him after returning to base following his death.

It remains unclear just how much Bong will take from Mickey7, but we wouldn't be surprised if he takes a lot of liberty.

For now, fans can look forward to watching Pattinson in The Batman on March 4, 2022.