Riot Games settles gender discrimination lawsuit for $100 million


By Ray Ampoloquio December 29, 2021

Riot Games is not a perfect company, but unlike others who refuse to acknowledge its shortcomings, it has now agreed to a hefty payout.

This is part of Riot Games' settlement of a $100 million gender discrimination lawsuit filed by former and current female employees.

The international publisher will now pay at least $80 million to the settlement class members with the rest going to legal fees for a total of $100 million in compensation.

Riot will also agree to address issues within the workplace that brought about the issues in the first place.

This includes at least three years of monitoring from a third party and making salaries between employees more transparent.

The settlement comes after current and former Riot employees filed a class-action lawsuit against Riot Games back in 2018.

According to the DFEH, up to 1,065 female employees and 1,300 female contractors at Riot Games are entitled to the compensation fund.