Reynolds hints at 2022 filming start for Deadpool 3


By Aron Gerencser August 6 2021

Ryan Reynolds has spent the past few years playing various flavors of the Deadpool character across a number of movies.

During the promotional appearances for Free Guy, Reynolds was asked about Deadpool 3, and shared his predictions.

The star stated that there is a "70% chance" it will begin filming sometime during 2022.

The release schedules of movies all around the world from various studios have been juggled around by difficulties stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Considering how long the entire production time of major movies can stretch from start to finish, just because Deadpool 3 hasn't started filming yet doesn't mean it too wasn't affected.

We'll have to wait quite a bit longer for the third chapter in the whimsical character's silver screen story.

If it isn't even yet certain that filming will occur in 2022, it's almost definitely not going to happen in the first half.

With post-production to consider, Deadpool 3 is at the earliest to be expected sometime in 2023 if not later.

Disney has confirmed Deadpool as part of the MCU.

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