Report: The Coalition working on new IP, Gears game coming 2024/2025


By Aron Gerencser December 15, 2021

According to a new report it seems that The Coalition is sidestepping Gears of War for a brand new IP.

This new game is set to release before the continuation of their best known franchise.

The Coalition already had a foray into Unreal Engine 5 with The Matrix Awakens.

The company is seemingly releasing another smaller title to further familiarize themselves with the engine.

This rumor comes from known content creator and industry informant Rand al Thor 19 appearing on the 32nd cast of Xbox News Cast.

Before continuing their take on the Gears of War saga, The Coalition is looking at a smaller game.

It seems that Gears of War 6 is looking at a 2024 or 2025 release date as things stand.