Red Dead Online: Blood Money trailer, content revealed


By Aron Gerencser July 7, 2021

Red Dead Online is getting a brand new DLC update next week, bringing in daring heists and a new organized crime element to the multiplayer cowboy lasso-em-up.

The Quick Draw Club is also shaking up how seasonal content can be earned in-game, putting players on a tighter schedule.

These pseudo-heists arriving to Red Dead Online should be plenty to get everyone pumped for the July 13 release of Blood Money.

The new activities will task you with recovering Capitale bonds for a mafia underboss operating out of Saint Denis.

Players will be able to gather Capitale by taking part in the awfully broadly named Crimes, which range from easy solo missions to daring cooperative robberies. 

Not only does Blood Money give you a chance to earn yourself silly with all sorts of crime, unlike Roles there won't be any initial investment.

The Quick Draw Club will consist of multiple passes with their own reward tracks lasting about a month each.

Red Dead Online: Blood Money launches on the 13th of July worldwide.

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