Red Dead Online: Blood Money now live


By Aron Gerencser July 14, 2021

Red Dead Online: Blood Money, the major summer DLC we've been hearing so much about, has gone live.

Blood Money introduces us to the Saint Denis mob, a highly organized criminal business looking for new muscle.

The mob has implemented its own form of currency to conduct illegal business in peace - bonds known as Capitale.

Players won't need to buy-in unlike in the case of Roles which provided the bulk of post-launch content thus far.

There are various small scale Crimes waiting for the solitary and inexperienced players of Red Dead Online.

However, a trio of complex, multi-part Crime Contracts are also here to challenge higher rank players.

These wild-west analogues for the heists of GTA Online have their own storylines and are the most lucrative activities in the game.

As you amass more and more Capitale for your good friend Martelli, your standing with the Bronte mob will increase. 

All players who speak to Martelli this week can pick up the Hired Gun Kit from the Fence.

Blood Money also brings technical improvements to Red Dead Online. PC players can now experience the benefits of NVIDIA DLSS technology.

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