Rainbow Six Extraction cinematic leaked


By Aron Gerencser September 16, 2021

Why does it always have to be New York, and the Statue of Liberty in particular?

Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest game to go ham on the big apple.

The entire opening cinematic of the game just leaked.

It's pretty surprising to see the entire opening cinematic leak this early.

The video has been making the rounds online with uploads being hunted by Ubisoft.

What we see in the cinematic is pretty cookie cutter as far as these disaster stories go.

Then the inevitable apocalypse strikes, and freaky glistening black spikes start growing out of the ground.

At this point the scene switches to a pair of military choppers with Ash, the narrator, on board heading towards as REACT ship.

Flying over the ruins of the statue, we see that way more spikes and tendrils have grown since, and Ash refers to it as a parasite.

We got a better look at REACT's yellow equipment which we'll likely be staring at a lot when Extraction is actually released.

Rainbow Six Extraction will launch in January 2022.

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