PSN Japan just leaked a Lost Judgment demo


By Ray Ampoloquio August 31, 2021

Leaks are often very unreliable.

However, sometimes they do actually come from credible sources and have a good shot at being true.

Case in point, Japan's PSN account just leaked that a Lost Judgment demo is coming.

Unlike every other Yakuza and Judgment game that preceded it, Lost Judgment will launch worldwide on September 24, 2021.

With only a few weeks left before Lost Judgment becomes available, a potential demo of the game appears to have popped up.

Curiously enough, info on the demo only appeared in the database of PSN Japan. 

This doesn't make a lot of sense on account that Lost Judgment will release worldwide simultaneously. 

Sony put in a lot of effort to make Lost Judgment available to everyone at the same time. 

What is more understandable is if the Lost Judgment demo is exclusive to PlayStation owners. 

Of course, if the demo ends up being exclusive to Japan, we wouldn't be all that surprised either.

Fans are definitely excited to get their hands on Lost Judgment. 

Among other things, it could be the last Judgment game due to legal issues between SEGA and Lost Judgment's lead actor.

With that said, we'll know more about the future of Lost Judgment once the game is released.

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