Sony's recent patent is hinting at backwards compatibility on PS5


By Ray Ampoloquio January 13, 2022

Technically, the PS5 already has backwards compatibility.

PS5 owners could play most PS4 games on their console ever since it was launched.

Not to mention, the PS Now gives PS5 (and PS4 owners) a chance to play PS2 and PS3 games.

But, full legacy backwards compatibility remains out of the question.

However, if a new patent is anything to go by, PS5 owners might get access to thousands of games from the previous generations soon enough.

Sony's Mark Cerny, the lead designer for the PS5, filed a patent that appears to reveal that Sony has found a way to make the PS5 support older titles.

The patent doesn't explain how the PS5 will achieve backwards compatibility.

But, it is interesting that Sony bothered to file a separate patent.

This would suggest that Sony has found a way to make this happen natively.

Hopefully, Sony can clear up all the uncertainty with an announcement.