PS5 and Switch top sales charts


By Aron Gerencser September 15, 2021

All of the current generation consoles are enjoying landmark sales.

The Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 are really leading the charge in terms of financial success.

Depending on what metric you look at, either the Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation 5 are number one.

The Xbox Series X|S is still selling well, but it isn't in the lead in any regard.

In August, the Switch moved the most individual units.

The PlayStation 5 achieved the highest amount of money earned from sales.

It is still the best and fastest selling Sony console of all time.

The discrepancy comes from the difference in price, however it's still obvious that the two systems are cutting it really close.

Based on data from the international analyst firm NDP Group, all console sales are trending way up.

This entire year has been a financial standout for the gaming industry.

This growth defies both hardware shortages and game delays.

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