By Darryl Lara December 7, 2022

Producer gives an promising update for the sequel to Alita: Battle Angel

After Alita: Battle Angel pulled in a massive $400+ million haul at the global box office, it was only natural for the film to get a sequel. 

The film itself also set up the next film in the series if it ever happened. 

Three years later and a sequel might finally be a lot closer to reality.

The movie’s co-producer Jon Landau revealed that he wants to come back and do a follow-up to Alita in the future. 

With Landau, James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez aboard, the only thing missing is the proverbial green light from the owner of the IP.

Hopefully, both Cameron and Landau can take a good look at Alita: Battle Angel 2 after Avatar 2 comes out in a few weeks.