By Ray Ampoloquio December 3, 2022

Portal writers confident in "pretty awesome starting point" for Portal 3

It looks like Valve might finally get over its allergy to making threequels.

According to Erik Wolpaw, the writer of behind Portal games, they have a "pretty awesome starting point" for Portal 3 in place if Valve is willing to give it the greenlight.

Wolpaw revealed that he and fellow Portal 2 writer, Jay Pinkerton, had come already come up with a few ideas for Portal 3.

Although he did clarify there's not a concrete script, they do have a starting point that they "like a ton".

Wolpaw also added that an "actual idea" for Portal 3 doesn't mean it will happen.

In his words, there's still  "a lot left to do" to make Portal 3 happen, which includes finding people at Valve committed to working on it.