User shortage forces Popcorn Time to shut down


By Ray Ampoloquio January 6, 2022

There was a time when streaming platforms like Netflix worried about illegal streaming platforms like Popcorn Time.

In its heyday, the app made watching pirated movies as easy as watching Netflix.

However, in 2022, it appears that users aren't just paying Popcorn Time so much attention anymore.

It has come to the point that the people behind the project have decided to shut it down.

The original developers launched Popcorn Time in 2014 before taking it down almost immediately.

However, because of its open-source nature, others picked up where they left off.

The app's current developers recently posted a graph of how many people have searched for "Popcorn Time" since it was launched in 2014.

According to the graph, Popcorn Time was quite popular back in 2015.

Unfortunately, the graph shows a rapid decline in 2016 and the app's popularity hasn't recovered since.

Surprisingly enough, the developers did not mention if law enforcement was involved in the closure.

Ultimately, Popcorn Time's closure, while unfortunate, is just a sign of the times.